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Maria Coffey


Episode P086 | Length: 32'
Writer, Maria Coffey
Host/Producer, Carole Harmon
From June 03, 2024 to June 16, 2024
The adventures that we wanted to have, the adventures that we did have kayaking for months on end in very remote parts of the world where there were tropical diseases, hippos, crocodiles, big seas, big sea crossings, or cycling, the whole length of Vietnam just after it opened up, I mean, some of these were really, really challenging adventures. I know there's no way that I could have brought a child along…

Maria Coffey in conversation with Carole Harmon

Author Maria Coffey grew up in a conservative Irish Catholic family with a mother who wished nothing more than to be a grandmother. Instead, Maria was introduced to the world of high risk adventure by her older brother who climbed mountains. She fell in love with a famous climber, Joe Tasker, who died on Everest. This was a turning point of her life. She began to write, moved from England to Canada, met and married veterinarian and photographer Dag Goering who loves adventure as much as she does. Maria and Dag have travelled the world in kayaks, by bike and on foot. They run an award winning adventure travel company called Hidden Places. Maria and Dag still explore the world together, scout and create new trips, and fund conservation work.

Maria and Bac

Meeting Vinh and Bac

The question of motherhood never altogether left Maria. In 1994 in Vietnam Dag and Maria met street children Vinh and Bac who they tried to help. Fortune didn't smile on their attempt to relocate the children in an SOS Children's Village.

Maria with Agnes and her son Adrian

Meeting Agnes

In 2011 Maria and Dag were on safari in Kenya where they met Agnes, a young Samburu woman facing difficult circumstances. With their help she realized her dreams of going to university. They remain very close to her and her two children.

Instead was published by Rocky Mountain Books in 2023. All thirteen of Maria's books are available online and make fascinating reading. She explores the hidden facets of extreme sport, topics rarely discussed and almost never spoken of in public.