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Alison Goeller

Other Voices

Episode P085 | Length: 28'
Writer, Alison Goeller
Host/Producer, Ingrid Rose
From May 20, 2024 to June 02, 2024
Alison Goeller is a former professor of American literature who taught in Philadelphia and at the University of Maryland overseas. She lives in Uzès, a medieval town in Provence.
Ingrid Rose discusses family secrets and the writing life with Alison Goeller who also reads her short stories Fallen and Pepita on this episode of Writers Radio.

Alison Goeller's short stories have been published in numerous literary magazines. She is the author of three mystery novels whose main character, Will Sargent, was inspired by her locksmith uncle. Frozen in Love and The Possessive Case are available on Amazon.

Alison is currently working on a novel about the Grand Tour of Europe, based on her great grandmother’s diary.

Read another of Alison's short stories, Tom, on the online platform, Discretionary Love.