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Yehudit Silverman

I Am Not The Darkness

Episode P082 | Length: 37'
Writer, Yehudit Silverman
Host/Producer, Carole Harmon
From April 08, 2024 to April 21, 2024
At this stage of my journey, I've returned to my ten year old self when poetry was as natural as a fresh stream.
Yehudit Silverman

Whether writing of the war in Israel / Gaza, deaths of loved ones, or nature Yehudit Silverman distills a life spent as artist and healer in her recent poetry. In this episode we discuss both her writing and her work as a creative art therapist, author and film-maker.

The Story Within: Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy & The Hidden Face of Suicide

Based on her clinical work in several hospitals, and as the former Chair, professor, in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University, Montreal, Yehudit understands the power of the arts for healing. Her book and film, T he Story Within - Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy, as well as her film, The Hidden Face of Suicide, encourage others to discover their own creativity and resilience even in the face of great suffering.

Yehudit Silverman