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Elizabeth Herejk and Jadzia Pernosil

Two Journeys To Self Publishing

Episode: P079
START: February 26, 2024
ENDS: March 10, 2024
Length: 29'
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
The world is made up of stories, many of which remain untold. History told from the point of view of grand achievements, harrowing deeds, or significant events omits the effects of history on personal lives, family, and community.

The childhood memoirs of Jadzia Prenosil and Elizabeth Herejk couldn't be more different, yet each illuminates the hardships faced by families following World War 2. Each memoir has been realized through new models of self-publishing.

Elizabeth Herejk's memoir, From Kendal to Canada: An Adventurous Spirit follows her childhood growing up in Kendal, a small market town in Cumbria, England, her interesting nursing career in Canada, and her varied retirement activities. Elizabeth regards From Kendal to Canada as legacy work written for her family and friends with emphasis on her European heritage. Life in Kendal was austere, a story of self-reliance and ingenuity at a time of food shortages and other privations which inevitably follow war.

Jadzia Prenosil's memoir, My Childhood Behind the Iron Curtain details an even grimmer post-war life. In 1968 Russia invaded Czechoslovakia and Jadzia's mother died unexpectedly. In the aftermath of this double tragedy her father remained in Europe and Jadzia and her sisters emigrated to Canada, sponsored by an aunt. Jadzia was seventeen. A brutal beginning to life in a new country.

Jadzia wrote this memoir in memory of her beloved mother and sisters for her family and friends in Vancouver. It illustrates how love and strength of family can endure great hardship.

Both authors self-published their memoirs through new publishing models which make this sort of project possible.

In her conversations with the authors, Ingrid Rose discusses the process each went through in bringing their memoir to fruition.
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