P076 Holy Magic
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Priscilla Long

Holy Magic

Title: Holy Magic
Episode: P076
START: January 15, 2024
ENDS: January 28, 2024
Length: 30'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
Epigraph to Holy Magic
Let wise men piece the world together with wisdom
Or poets with Holy Magic

Wallace Stevens

Each chapter of Holy Magic has a colour palette. Each poem reflects a vibration of that colour. Many of the poems contain epigraphs of other writers or artists. Each section captures the mood of its colour. Archeology of Orange for instance, A Glass of Bitter Ale, Bluebirds.

It is a rainbow of a book.

In 2022 Priscilla Long released a book, Dancing with the Muse in Old Age, about thriving in old age. She is eighty.

Priscilla writes, "The book explores the old-age time of life of more than one-hundred dynamic elders—mostly but not entirely creators in the arts, both well-known and little known, both able-bodied and disabled. Their inspiring stories model for us all how to live in old age. The sections, “Composing Our Lives: Old Age” at the end of each chapter will help readers consider and better plan for a satisfying old age."

Priscilla Long is a Seattle-based poet, writer, editor and a longtime independent teacher of writing. She has been an activist in peace and social justice movements. She serves as founding and consulting editor of HistoryLink.org, the free online encyclopedia of Washington state history. She writes science, poetry, history, creative nonfiction and essay, and fiction. She has written a guide to creativity, Minding the Muse, and a how-to-write guide, The Writer's Portable Mentor.

Her books are available for order through libraries, bookstores and online.

Holy Magic was published in 2020 by Moon Path Press for which it won the Sally Albiso Poetry Book Award.

Dancing with the Muse in Old Age was published in 2022 by Epicenter/Coffeetown Press.