P076 Holy Magic
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Michelle Poirier Brown

The Passion of a Poet

Title: Season Special: Belight
Episode: P075
START: January 01, 2024
ENDS: January 14, 2024
Length: 36'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
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Poetry is the hinge between the artist, having that moment, and the reader or listener, having their own moment in the silence of the first breath, after a poem. A poem is a medium, that says, "here, have this" it can do this, because it is compact. Because it carries you, like a magic carpet, across meaning. Because its intent is fleeting.

"Advocacy through story: an interview with Michelle Poirier Brown".

Michelle Piorier Brown: writer, performer, playwright, photographer, and former federal treaty negotiator is a writer with a desire for clarity. What is going on? She asks us to consider.

She describes, You Might Be Sorry You Read This, as a poetic memoir. It distills five decades of living through extreme childhood trauma, learning to live with PTSD, discovering her Cree, Métis roots at age 38 and finding her way through this maze to the page.

Join Michelle and Ingrid Rose, in conversation about personal and public identity and the challenges and opportunities in writing difficult histories.

Michelle Poitier Brown is an internationally, published writer and performer, currently living on the traditional unseeded territory of the silax peoples, in Vernon, BC. She is nehiyaw-iskwew and a citizen of the Métis nation. Her debut book of poetry, You Might Be Sorry You Read This, was published in the Robert Kroetsch Series from the University of Alberta press in Spring, 2022. It was shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch award for innovative poetry. In 2023, her chapbook book of poems and photographs, Intimacies, was published by Jack Pine press in 2023.

Adapted from the authors website

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