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Liz Long

Navigating Shitstorms

Title: Navigating Shitstorms
Episode: P073
START: November 27, 2023
ENDS: December 31, 2023
Length: 28'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
In Navigating Shitstorms Liz Long turns her childhood trauma into a road trip. Travel with her to Victimtown. Listen to your Heart Voice and take the road to Freedomville.

When Liz Long was six, Lynda, her favourite aunt and babysitter, disappeared. She was nineteen. Although her body was discovered five years later, her case remains one of Canada's longest unsolved crimes. The trauma to Liz and her extended family was incalculable.

After fifty years of living with fear, depression and the extreme need to control Liz hit the road. In this engaging memoir she takes us on her journey to a healing centre she calls The Place. This inner work leads to an epiphany and she is able to witness the rigid structure she has lived within since her aunt's disappearance. This epiphany arrives with a fully formed idea for a book, a way to help others confront their own problems.

Having spent more than fifty years stuck in Victimtown, Liz knows the terrain as well as any local...Touring Victimtown’s most popular attractions—such as the Guilt & Shame Café, the Control Factory, the Denial Trails, and more—Liz demonstrates that while short visits offer life lessons and healing, extended stays lead to all kinds of problems. This groundbreaking framework to understanding the voices in your head will enable you to

• open healing conversations with yourself and others by equipping you with an accessible language to discuss mental health,
• reframe your shitty inner dialogues by embracing a new awareness, and
• discover your own route to Freedomville by learning to love yourself without limits or conditions.

from the publisher's website

Liz Long lives in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, in Canada.

Navigating Shitstorms was published by Greenleaf Book Group in August 2023. It is available through Indigo in Canada, Barnes and Noble in the US and Amazon internationally.

Liz is hard at work on a follow up guidebook. She considers this her life's work. Visit her website: to find out more.