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Mary Carroll Moore

A Women's Guide to Search and Rescue

Title: A Women's Guide to Search and Rescue
Episode: P070
START: October 16, 2023
ENDS: October 29, 2023
Length: 36'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
I write about women heroes. Not obvious ones and not immediate ones, but women who are searching for freedom and worth in their lives despite complicated, risky circumstances.
Mary Carroll Moore

A forced landing on a stormy night in the remote Adirondack Mountains opens this novel.

Singer Red Nelson and her half-sister Kate, a Search and Rescue pilot, share a father, but have never met. Kate's Mom is the legal wife, Red's Mom is the mistress. Nevertheless, their father has been loving, and taught both daughters to fly.

It's hard to avoid spoilers while introducing this complex and exciting novel. Red flees the attack on her former husband, pursued by her revengeful former lover. Surprisingly, Red's Mother urges her to seek refuge with the sister she has never met.

Refuge leads to reconciliation in what Kirkus Reviews called this novel, "An exciting work of survival fiction with strong female characters."

Author and artist Mary Carroll Moore has been a journalist, food columnist, writing instructor and creator of a long running newsletter, Insights on the Writing Life.

Mary's Substack blog, Your Weekly Writing Exercise has over 3000 subscribers.

Her last three books (of nineteen total) have been self-published under her imprint, Riverbed Press. They include:

Your Book Starts Here, Create, Craft and Sell Your First Novel, Memoir or Not-fiction book.

A Woman's Guide to Search and Rescue is available in print, e-book and audio book formats through libraries,, Barnes & Noble, and is a "hot new release" on Amazon.