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Sharon English

Night In The World

Title: Night In The World
Episode: P069
START: October 02, 2023
ENDS: October 15, 2023
Length: 36'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
Night in the World explores entwined personal and ecological crisis, suggesting that our disconnection from nature underpins many of the challenges we face in these times.
Sharon English has penned a tender and powerful novel about the claims places make on our hearts, and how journeys into darkness are sometimes necessary to see through catastrophe. Night in the World explores the need to end our separations from each other and from nature — coming home, at last, to a beleaguered yet still beautiful world.

Freehand Books

Set in metropolitan Toronto, Toronto Island and the environs of Rice Lake near Peterborough, Ontario, Night in the World follows the lives of three major characters.

The sudden death of their mother catapults brothers Justin and Oliver into a downward spiral, triggering a crisis in lives which have already been unravelling.

Justin retreats from his business and family into drug abuse, Oliver, a former environmental journalist, tries to reclaim a childhood home on Toronto Island.
While Gabe, a graduate student conducting research on moth populations in the Peterborough area for her Masters thesis, confronts the troubling ethics of scientific study.

The plot rests on specific instances of environmental challenge, and how Justin, Oliver and Gabe respond to these challenges, entering into a dynamic relationship with the living world, and each other, which revivifies, in ways unique to each character.