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Susan Andrews Grace

Woman Disrupted

Title: Woman Disrupted
Episode: P067
START: September 04, 2023
ENDS: September 17, 2023
Length: 28'
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
Hypatia of Alexandria, fell into history’s abyss.
Paradoxical, Hypatia's dilemma in Alexandria—
she goes into the streets as a free woman
is killed on the way home because
she goes into the streets as a free woman.
If Hypatia were the sea, she would be immense

fragments from Hypatia's Wake

Hypatia of Alexandria, Neo Platonic philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, was murdered in 415 AD by a mob led by Peter the Lector (a Christian official in the service of Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria). She has been called a martyr for philosophy. Her torture and death included flaying, dismemberment, and burning.

Celebrated in her own time for her scholarship, widespread teachings, and egalitarian spirit, Hypatia embraced the Neo-Platonic philosophy of a divine First Cause known as the One, the First, or the Good. Neoplatonists believed that everything we see and know emanated from the Good.

Over the centuries Hypatia has inspired opponents of Christianity, been co-opted as a symbol of Christian virtue, been represented as a symbol of opposition to Catholicism, and in modern times she has become an icon of women's rights and the feminist movement.

Hypatia’s Wake addresses many false and fanciful representations about her life and death.

Hypatia lived and the flesh of her invisibility has not stolen her from us forever. We can claim her and wake her loss as we are awakened to her. When we give Hypatia back to the flesh of the world, we claim visibility.

Susan Andrews Grace

Visual artist and poet Susan Andrews Grace lives in Nelson BC. where she teaches writing at Oxygen Art Centre.

Hypatia's Wake, Susan's sixth book of poetry, was published in 2022 by Inanna Publications . Order from the publisher or your favourite bookstore.

Visit Susan's website to see her other publications and treat yourself to her visual art.

My visual art practice conceptually searches for the metaphysical in the ordinary: old cloth, rubble from demolition, rusty objects. It includes textile installation, mixed media, and sculpture and has been exhibited in (mostly) public galleries in Canada and the US over the last thirty years.