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Barbara Baydala, Kate Bird, Donna Stephen and Cynthia Sharp


Episode: P066
START: August 14, 2023
ENDS: September 03, 2023
Length: 26'
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
Kate Bird's photo is of her son at former Mt. Pleasant Outdoor Pool in Vancouver.
Here is a 
CBC article about the recent status of a citizen's campaign to build a new outdoor pool.

I like to gather writers around a theme. This episode is such an occasion. Each writer has responded to the question: Summertime..."and the living' is easy"...Is it?

In order of reading:

Donna Stephen:
The West Highland Way, spring 2023
Barbara Baydala:
poems inspired by words plus her poetic response to my question.
Kate Bird:
memories of Mt. Pleasant Outdoor Pool in Vancouver, lamenting its loss
Cynthia Sharp:
love poems