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Oriane Lee Johnston

The Geography of Belonging

Title: The Geography of Belonging
Sub Title: A Love Story of Horses and Africa
Episode: P065
START: July 24, 2023
ENDS: September 13, 2023
Length: 28 mins
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
Frightened of horses as a child, Oriane Lee Johnston takes up riding at age fifty. When she follows an inner calling to travel to Africa, she enters into a love affair with a species, a country, a person, and a way of life.

"An unexpected liaison with an African horseman builds a courageous and tender bridge across classic cultural divides. The backdrop is present-day Zimbabwe in all its political, economic and ecological complexities. Oriane Lee Johnston’s memoir takes the reader from her island home on the west coast of Canada into southern Africa as it is today, exploring ethical relations with land, with culture, the sacred and the human heart.
The story follows an inner call to the Mavuradonha Mountains in the eastern edge of the Zambezi Escarpment. The quest to preserve this wild and unspoiled bioregion parallels the campaign to protect the Great Bear Rainforest, the author’s birthplace in coastal B.C."

from the publishers blurb