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Martha Anee Toll

Three Muses

Title: Three Muses
Sub Title: Martha Anne Toll
Episode: P063
START: June 26, 2023
ENDS: July 09, 2023
Length: 27 mins
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
A ballerina and a psychiatrist, who is a Holocaust survivor, embark on a tentative romance in 1960s New York.

“An affecting chamber piece with plenty to say about art, trauma, and healing.” Kirkus starred review.

"In plac­ing the arc of a ballerina’s career oppo­site that of a Holo­caust sur­vivor strug­gling to live in a changed world, Toll has craft­ed an engag­ing romance, with poignant reflec­tions on the rit­u­al of remembrance."

Rus­sell Janzen, a New York-based writer and a dancer with the New York City Ballet writing for Jewish Book Council Review.

Martha Anne Toll’s first novel was published by Regal Publishing in 2022 after winning their 2020 Petrichor Prize for Finely Crafted Fiction.

Order Three Muses from Regal Publishing or your favourite book store.