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Jan Redford

On The Edge Of Fear

Title: On The Edge Of Fear
Episode: P059
START: May 01, 2023
ENDS: May 14, 2023
Length: 29'' mins
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose

Jan Redford's End of the Rope: Mountains Marriage and Motherhood, caused ripples when it was released by Penguin Canada in 2018.

Journalist Marni Jackson, who authored The Mother Zone, a shortlisted finalist for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour in 1993 described it thus:

Climbing mountains becomes a source of both joy and loss for Jan Redford as she finds her own gutsy route through that other wilderness, of marriage and motherhood. Cheryl Strayed, move over: End of The Rope is a rambunctious, funny, heart stopping memoir that carries us along on an electric current of risk and courage.

In conversation with host Ingrid Rose, Jan Redford, rock climber, white water kayaker, mountain biker and mother, explores fear that constant companion in sports as in life. Jan reads from the Epilogue of her 2018 memoir, End of the Rope: Mountains Marriage and Motherhood. She also gives us a sneak peak of her memoir in progress, Who Shall I Be Today? which is a prequel to End of the Rope. Jan reads the chapter, The Move or Big Butt, about an incident from her childhood.

Visit Jan's website. End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage and Motherhood is widely available, order it from your favourite bookstore or library. We look forward with anticipation to Who Shall I Be Today? A question with deep resonance for us all.