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Lise Weil. Sharon English

Dead And Alive
(Part 2)

An Unprecedented Level of Imagination

Title: Dead And Alive (part 2)
Sub Title: An Unprecedented Level of Imagination
Episode: P058
START: April 17, 2023
ENDS: April 30, 2023
Length: 21' mins
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
Sharon English and Sharon Simone are writers and friends who have been deeply influenced by the writing of Barry Lopez, in particular his final book, Horizon, which issues the call for "an unprecedented level of imagination" in facing the challenges of warming climate, species extinction, and continuing global conflict.

In this episode of Dead and Alive, Being With Ancestors Sharon English reads her section of this collaborative essay in which she confronts the fate of her family's ancestral homestead in Ontario.

Dark Matter Women Witnessing, an online literary journal founded and edited by Lise Weil of Montreal, Canada: publishes writing and visual art created in response to an age of massive species loss and ecological collapse. it is a home for dreams, visions, and communications with the non-human world—especially those with messages for how we might begin to heal our broken relationship to the earth.

Dead and Alive: Being With Ancestors is a collaboration between Dark Matter Women Witnessing and Writers Radio drawn from the current issue of the journal which showcases writing by Cynthia Travis, Sharon English, Gillian Goslinga and Carole Harmon, as well as a conversation moderated by Lise Weil which threads through the three episodes.

Read Dark Matter Women Witnessing online. If you are a writer, consider submitting to this wonderful journal. You can read about editors Lise Weil and Kristin Flyntz here.

Sharon English is an author and teacher. Her first novel, Night in the World was published in 2022 by Freehand books. A 49th Shelf 2022 Book of the Year

Night in the World is a splendid and searing novel, pressed up against the tremors of our times...astonished by the way Sharon English turns Toronto inside out, making the city a wild and watery landscape, bringing the beyond-the-human close.

Catherine Bush, author of Blaze Island and The Rules of Engagement

Stay Tuned for Part 3 of Dead and Alive, Living With Ancestors featuring Gillian Goslinga and Carole Harmon which will be on air May 15-28, 2023.