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Rosanna Hille

What I Miss

Swimming In Stories

Title: What I Miss
Sub Title: Swimming In Stories
Episode: P057
START: April 03, 2023
ENDS: April 16, 2023
Length: 28'' mins
Narrator Veda Hille
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
Join Ingrid Rose and Veda Hille in celebrating the remarkable life of Veda's mother Rosanna Hille, as revealed in her recently self-published memoir, Swimming in Stories, The River of My Life.

Rosanna Hille's memoir looks back on a life brimful of creativity and adventure. It begins with family history, postwar childhood in Denmark, emigration to Canada, coming of age in a Danish Quaker school, the turbulent 1960s, and meeting her future husband. Then she joins a spiritual group in search of a different kind of life. Raising her children in a rural community, she begins to explore her creativity as a textile artist.

For many people this would be the main story, not for Rosanna Hille. Once her children are grown she embarks on a career in community development. As the chair of Susila Dharma International, a humanitarian, grass-roots inspired NGO that supports community development projects, Rosanna literally travels the globe from rural tribal villages to meetings at the United Nations over her long career.

Now in her seventies, and suffering from Parkinson's, Rosanna has immersed herself in the writing she always wished to pursue and never found time for. Despite her illness, she continues revelling in her indomitable life.

What I Miss, the last chapter of Swimming in Stories, finds Rosanna in her garden at home in Vancouver, contemplating a life of questions, service, connection, and love. It is read by Rosanna's daughter, Veda Hille, a well known Vancouver musician, composer and song-writer.

You can order Swimming in Stories as print or E-Book on Veda Hille's website here.