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Karen McDiarmid
Jane Newman

Title: Impermanence
Episode: P054
START: February 20, 2023
ENDS: March 05, 2023
Length: 41'' mins
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon


Ski to Assiniboine: JANE NEWMAN

beauty and terror—flux is at the crossroads

Karen McDiarmid and Jane Newman are friends, visual artists, writers, cold water swimmers and lovers of wilderness adventures at the edge of safety. Both lived in the Canadian Rockies for many years but now live on Cortes Island off the west coast of British Columbia, in Canada.

Karen McDiarmid is a photographer and psychotherapist who has worked in Bhutan, Tibet, the Middle East, and Baffin Island. She spent her childhood summers at a family cottage on Shawnigan Lake, on Vancouver Island, where Immersions re-members her childhood while winter swimming in Shawnigan Lake.

in Banff in the Canadian Rockies, Jane Newman raised a family and maintained an art practice informed by nature and by found materials overlooked and discarded. Jane worked with private and government organizations within the Banff Centre Leadership program, exploring creativity as a resource for problem solving.

Ski to Assiniboine re-members a winter journey which went awry and the death of a dear friend.

Karen McDiarmid's recent artwork includes painting as well as photography; both may be viewed at her Karen McDiarmid Photography & Art website (

Jane Newman's mixed media and assemblage artworks may be viewed on her blog, en plein air (