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Daughters of Fire
Two Iranian-Canadian Poets in Exile
Shadi Eskandani, Sareh Farmand
Title: Daughters of Fire
Episode: P051
START: January 09, 2023
ENDS: January 22, 2023
Length: 32'' mins
Host/Producer: Ingrid Rose
Two Poets write of their homeland, and their dislocation.

Shadi Eskandani and Sareh Farmand are Iranian born Canadian immigrant writers and friends. Join them in readings from their poetry and in conversation with Ingrid Rose.

SAREH was born in Tehran and lived there until she was two; she lived briefly in Germany and Italy, and finally immigrated to Canada.

Her new release, Pistachios In My Pocket was published by At Bay Press of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was selected by CBC Books as “Best Book of Poetry Selection, 2022.” CBC had this to say:

Here is a new voice to the conversation on global citizenship and multiculturalism, as themes of loss, home, and belonging are explored in a new way through a wide socio-political lens and personal accounts of a family's unique, yet universal experiences...

Order this book from your favourite bookstore, Massey Books, or or At Bay Press.

SHADI writes In her blog post, The Abandonment of Iranian Feminists:

"For decades, the voices of Iranian feminists, especially those living in Iran, have been silenced in many spaces, including the mainstream, the academic left, and activist movements in the west....There has been nowhere, other than amongst ourselves, to express our grief and outrage for what’s been happening in Iran for almost 44 years."

Until age nine Shadi lived under the rule of the Islamic Republic, during the Iran-Iraq war. Now she lives in Toronto, and she writes! Her recently debuted poetry chapbook, Contusions was the 2020 Locked Horn Press Urgency Chapbook winner.

LHP is in San Diego. Canadian orders for Contusions may be placed through Massey Books.

Visit Shadi's website,

Carole Harmon