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A Door Is Opening
Part 1
Chad Norman, Kate Bird, Jeremy Page and Sarah Knoebber
Title: A Door Is Opening
Episode: P049
START: December 12, 2022
ENDS: December 25, 2022
Length: 21'' mins
Host: Ingrid Rose
Producer: Carole Harmon
We invited contributors to Writers Radio to share with us their thoughts on this theme as we approach 2023.

In Nova Scotia, Chad Norman, confronts his life as he looks forward to challenges and hopes of a new poetry project.

Kate Bird of Vancouver embarks on an unintentionally solo walking tour which re-invigorates her perspective on life.

In the changing urban environment where he grew up in England, Jeremy Page muses on the meaning of home.

On Galiano Island, off the west coast of Canada, Sarah Knoebber, raps her way out of Covid and looks to the future.