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Fine Tuning
In Music and Life
Gary Sill
Title: Fine Tuning
Episode: P048
START: November 28, 2022
ENDS: December 11, 2022
Length: 30'' mins
Host: Ingrid Rose
Featured Songs: Fine Tuning • Afghanistan: The Lost City • Dervish Drums.

Gary Sill will entertain you with his music in the third of a three part series featuring the work of producers of Writers Radio.

This program touches on highlights of Gary's musical career as a young rock musician in the band, Wayboard; producing programming for ACCESS educational television and CKUA radio; and as student and assistant to Hidayat Inayat Khan, renowned composer, violinist, conductor and teacher of Universal Sufism. Best known for his piano improvisations, Gary is now embracing new forms of composition and presentation.

In her conversation with Gary, Ingrid Rose probes the spiritual wellspring of all Gary's musical endeavours.