The Singer and the Song
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The Singer and the Song
Ingrid Rose
Title: The Singer and the Song
Episode: P044
START: October 03, 2022
ENDS: October 16, 2022
Length: 28'' mins
Host: Carole Harmon
"You called up love as rainmakers call upon the rain" Ingrid Rose writing about her mother in "Embracing Her"

In keeping with our Harvest theme, Ingrid Rose re-members her mother in Embracing Her.

Writers Radio launched in November 2020. On our first anniversary we inaugurated an annual tradition of including work by our three producers: Ingrid Rose, Gary Sill, and myself, Carole Harmon, in our programming so that we reveal ourselves as well as the writers we have represented.

In this episode we celebrate the work of Ingrid Rose.

Embracing Her is a «re-membering» of Ingrid’s mother, Irene Rinna Rose. Ingrid was born into a non-practising Jewish family. Like her father, she was an atheist and involved in left-wing politics until she began to follow a spiritual path.

The program will close with Ingrid’s ekphrastic poem, Song of Songs. This poem was written to accompany the paintings of 50 Jewish artists at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in 2018. This exhibition celebrated Israel’s 70 years of song and dance.

Ingrid Rose is a writer, teacher of writing, and co-host and co-producer of Writers Radio. She was born and raised in London, England but now lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Ingrid has published in Canadian literary journals: CV2; Emerge 2001; the anthology Sustenance, edited by Rachel Rose; and Musicworks Magazine 2011 (a prizewinning story).

The State of Our Father is forthcoming in the anthology Don't Tell: Family Secrets edited by Arlene Paré and Donna McCart Sharkey (Demeter Press 2023).