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Winterkill, Exit Wounds
Marsha Skrypuch and Tariq Malik
Episode: P043
Broadcast dates: September 19 to October 02, 2022
Length: 38'' mins
Host: Carole Harmon
New releases by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch and Tariq Malik share themes of the human consequences of war which continue to play out long after the war has ended.

Winterkill is set during the Holodomor, which means death by starvation in Ukrainian. This was a man made famine created in 1932/33 by Joseph Stalin. The Holodomor starved to death millions of people in Ukraine, rural Russia and Kazakhstan as part of Stalin's plan to modernize agriculture through creating collective farms and eliminating peasant farmers. This genocide went virtually unnoticed in the west.

Exit Wounds follows the forced migration of Tariq and his family from the Punjab following the religious partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Their home in the village of Kotli was in the epicentre of this conflict; an estimated million people died in this area. Escaping, Tariq's profession of industrial engineer took them to Kuwait and then Iraq. They inadvertently found themselves in war after war. Finally they immigrated to Canada.

Winterkill is published by Scholastic in Canada and the USA. It will be widely available through the library system as well as bookstores.

Exit Wounds will be released in fall 2022 and may be pre-ordered from Caitlin Press.

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