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Man and This Mysterious Universe
Shamcher Bryn Beorse
Episode: P036
Broadcast dates: June 13 to June 26, 2022
Length: 44'' mins
Host: Carole Harmon
Join host Carole Harmon in conversation with Carol Sill in part 2 of a 2 part series. Carol Sill is the publisher of Man and This Mysterious Universe and the previously unpublished memoir of Shamcher Bryn Beorse, A Sufi Went To War.

In our last episode we explored Beorse’s experiences in World War 2 as related in his wartime memoir, A Sufi Went to War, which was completed in 1979 but only published in May 2022 by Alpha Glyph Publications.

At the same time Beorse was leading MI5 agents through the mountains of Norway at night, plotting to kidnap Hitler with high level Allied and German officials, and seeing action himself he was scribbling in his notebook the beginnings of Man and This Mysterious Universe which was published in 1949 and re-released in 2015, by Alpha Glyph Publications.

Shamcher was the student and friend of Sufi mystic Inayat Khan who had encouraged him to write what they both saw as a book for future humanity.

A celebrated musician in his native India, Inayat Khan spread the spiritual and practical message of love, harmony and beauty through his music and teachings in Europe and America between 1910 and 1926.

Carol Sill edits and publishes The Shamcher Bulletin, a newsletter on Substack. She also publishes a newsletter of her own writing on Substack, Personal Papers: Writing from the Intersection of Imagination and Reality.

A Sufi Went to War, Man and Man and This Mysterious Universe and other titles by Shamcher Bryn Beorse are published by Alpha Glyph Publications on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. All titles are available on Amazon.