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Between Two
Daniela Elza
Episode: P030
Broadcast dates: March 21 to April 03, 2022
Length: 31'' mins
Host: Carole Harmon
Daniela Elza in conversation with Carole Harmon.

Daniela Elza's poems explore the space between two: people, species, media, times.
In this episode poems from her 2020 release the broken boat probe the break-down of her twenty year marriage.

We also discuss Daniela's collaborations with other artists.

Poems from
milk tooth bane bone led to a melding of talents with Soressa Gardner in the album, crow morphologies. 
Soressa Gardner (SelfDeconstructy Music) is a vocalist, laptop composer/improvisor, and sometimes songwriter.
Both artists have intense and unusual relationships with crows. The resulting spoken word/sound creations are haunting: the thin noose of light, from the album, wraps up the program.
Read/Hear more:

the broken boat is available from
Mother Tongue Publishing and your preferred bookstore, as are some other titles by Daniela.

milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press 2013), and other books by Daniela Elza, are available directly from Daniela's website, Strange Places.

crow morphologies, and other works by Soressa Gardner, are available through Soressa's bandcamp page.