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Loss and Resilience
Colette Gagnon, Margot Blum and
Meharoona Ghani
Episode: P025
START: January 10, 2022
ENDS: January 23, 2022
Length: 34'' mins
Host Carole Harmon
All living beings: humans, creatures, Earth itself experience trauma and loss. The ability to endure is the resilience each must activate, which has sustained life on Earth for billions of years. 

Colette Gagnon’s memoir based poetry memorializes her family. The dead can dream us, she writes in For Leaving.
Colette dedicates her poems to family members and events: the death of her mother, the violent death of her brother Phil, and childhood events explored in her longer narrative piece, Lure dedicated to her Father and brother Phil.

Margot Blum’s poems are set within our collective entrapment by Covid. Past and present intertwine—invocations of lost love remembered with overarching perspectives of who, where, and when we are.

Meharoona Ghani’s intricate sestinas chart her experiences as a long time sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis. Her concurrent spiritual journey weaves body mind and spirit as she struggles with the ideal and experience of divine guidance.
Colette Gagnon and Margot Blum live and write in Vancouver, Meharoona on Vancouver Island, Canada.