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Rapp’n & Riff’n
P004, Dec 28, 2020 to Jan 10, 2021
Length: 19'
Jacinda, ‘Jake’ Oldale: A New Energy (poem) and Beneath the Surface (song)
Susan Dambroff and Chris Kammler: Afternoon (improv performance piece)
Sarah Knoebber: We Are Not in Danger & Rap Nap (poetry)
Carole Harmon: How Can We Attend to That Part of Us Which is Dangerous?

Host, Ingrid Rose, produced by Carole Harmon, Music and audio production, Gary Sill

A collage of sounds and words rings in the New Year of 2021 with exuberant observations on life in chaotic times.

Jacinda Oldale, poet, songwriter and foodoula (she cooks for new mothers) lives in Burnaby, Canada. Susan Dambroff and Chris Kammler live in the Bay Area in California and often perform together. Sarah Knoebber is an artist and bodyworker who is rebuilding her house on Galiano Island off the Vancouver coast in Canada. In this program she and Carole Harmon riff off each other.