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Whiteness Is Not An Ancestor
The Way Forward
Kate Regan phd, Christina Greené
S106, September 06 to September 19, 2021
Length: 27'
Host, Carole Harmon

Not So Nice: Confessions of an "Innocent" White Woman

Alaska born and raised Kate Regan begins her essay with a question:

What is the myth of whiteness that those of us born with white skin must journey through and learn from?
Sharing with the listener from personal soul work and experiences from her professional career working with companies and organizations as diverse as Lucas Films, UN leadership development program, American Express and JFK University, Kate explores the meaning of conscience in it's original Greek and Latin meaning of knowledge within oneself.


German born, and an immigrant to the USA, Christina Greené comes from a family which has suffered unspeakable persecution and hardship. The title of her essay means world pain, the weight of the world in one's heart. Christina was guided in a loving way by her maternal grandmother, Hulda, to understand the tragedies of the past. Hulda's family were Kulags, peasant farmers in the Volhynia region of Ukraine, who suffered from Stalin's inhumane and murderous program of land annexation in the 1930's.
Who alive today does not feel Weltschmerz? And yet, despite the tragedies of the past, Christina’s essay focuses on healing.

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