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A Fine Balance
S105, August 09 to August 22, 2021
Length: 26'
Host, Ingrid Rose


In Mountain Light — Walking With My Grandfather

In this essay Carole explores her family's role in the colonial history of the Canadian Rockies where she was raised in a family of landscape photographers and worked as a photographer and publisher for many years.

I didn't intend to write about the plight of aboriginal people in Canada, Carole says. I began to think about boundaries. The National Parks were supposedly created for ALL Canadians but the National Parks Act excluded aboriginal people from these, their ancestral lands. Aboriginal people in Canada, after so many horrific injustices, even now being revealed, are still seen and treated as 'other' by mainstream Canadian society.

In her essay Carole explores her own photography as an example of transgressing boundaries.


The Cuckoo That Laid the Golden Egg—The Legacy of Nazi Gold in Switzerland

Una writes extensively about family history based on letters and diaries left by both sides of her family. Whereas Carole Harmon's family legacy is photographs, Una's is words.

Una's Swiss mother taught her, 'gold is good, gold will save your life'. Coming from a poor family in then impoverished Switzerland this belief of Una's mother is understandable. Instead the paralyzing spectre of want led to fear and imprudence.

This is an essay which explores how a country ignored its cultural heritage and values in order to secure prosperity and security, It reveals how thin and mutable the boundaries between victim and perpetrator actually are.

Una's family memoir, The Absent Prince explores the effect of war and other cultural values which shatter families by isolating and removing the men from family life. It can be ordered internationally through Amazon and more widely in the UK.

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