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Whiteness Is Not An Ancestor
Honouring The Past
S104, July 12 to July 25, 2021
Length: 23'
"Honouring The Past"
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Summer Starr & Sharon Halfnight

In her introduction to the anthology Lisa Iversen writes:

In the collective field of the soul, everyone and everything belongs. This knowingness provides a necessary resource when there are experiences of injustice....Bringing visibility to both perpetrators and victims of injustice, whether past or present, is necessary to heal inheritances of collective trauma.

In this episode one writer explores her ancestral history while another looks at today's challenges and imagines the future.

Summer Starr
Whiteness in Colonial America: My Family's Legacy

Summer writes:

...for most of my life, as far as I knew, we were just Californians. This lack of history put the focus on the now, on the immediate, and the past held very little interest for me...My concept of family history was only a couple of generations back. That all changed in the summer of 2019.

Sharon Halfnight
White Walking

Sharon begins her essay:

I welcomed the invitation to contribute an essay to this book on whiteness before I had any idea about what it might require of me. It's been a tussle, a full body-mind-soul wrestling with what whiteness means in this context and what it means to me. There has been no comfort in this inquiry.

Host, Carole Harmon, Music and Audio Production, Gary Sill

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