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Whiteness Is Not An Ancestor
Words Can Kill
S103, June 14 to June 27, 2021
Length: 24'
Sonya Lea:
A Legal Lynching and a Family's Reckoning

Sabine Olsen:
It Cannot Be Condoned
Whiteness and the Legacy of War

Host, Ingrid Rose

The hanging in 1936 of Rainey Bethea, a young black man, for the rape and murder of an elderly white woman was the last public execution in America. Sonya Lea’s family participated in this event in various ways. In her essay, Bloodlines: A Legal Lynching and a Family's Reckoning, Sonya brings this event to light through her struggle, first to know, then to understand. Sonya is a writer of memoir and fiction who has lived in both the USA and Canada. She presently lives in Banff, in the Canadian Rockies.

Sabine's essay was developed from an interview with Lisa Iversen. Sabine is a Reiki master who emigrated to Canada from Munich, a birthplace she shares with Adolf Hitler. Reflecting on the speeches and rallies which swept Hitler to power in 1930's Germany, Sabine decries the increasing use of hate speech today. She writes: ...that's how it starts, a little bit, a little bit more, it gets bolder and bolder and before you know it there's a monster you can't control. Sabine lives near Abbotsford, west of Vancouver, Canada.