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Whiteness Is Not An Ancestor
Essays on Life and Lineage
by White Women
Roots Borders and Belonging
S102, May 17 to May 30, 2021
Length: 26'
Karin Konstantynowicz:
Roots Borders and Belonging

June Blue Spruce:
Warning: Whiteness May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Host, Carole Harmon

Karin Konstantynowicz and her family emigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe following World War 2. Their roots are in contested territory which has changed its name, and its overlords many times. Starting with the idea of an "invasive species", Karin muses on the nature of identity and belonging and the experiences she and her family had as new immigrants to the Canadian prairies. Karin is a teacher, crisis counsellor, broadcaster and writer who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

June Blue Spruce comes from a long line of doctors in the USA. In her essay June probes the racist roots of the AMA and prevalent racism within the medical system in America. She delves into her own conflicted history as an activist, and a gay woman working within this system. June is a reformer, health worker, and writer who lives in Seattle, USA.