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Life and Art
Cornelia Hoogland and Ted Goodden
Episode: P024
START: December 27, 2021
ENDS: January 09, 2021
Length: 24'' mins
Host: Ingrid Rose
Host Ingrid Rose


Cornelia Hoogland & Ted Goodden

The collaboration between poet Cornelia Hoogland and artist Ted Goodden, who live on Hornby Island off the west coast in Canada, began as a life partnership.

Now it’s expressed through their interwoven artistic responses to the 64 archetypes, or hexagrams, of the Chinese Book of Changes, or I Ching, the oldest system of classical divination, and one of the oldest books in the world.

Imagine 64 wise texts informing AND responding to Ted Goodden’s sixty-four small clay figures of a naked man holding a ball, embracing a ball, leaning on a ball, throwing a ball, and so on...

Imagine Cornelia Hoogland responding to both sculptures and hexagrams in the context of her own life with sixty-four six line poems.

First an exhibition, now a book: Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling is available through Guernica Editions, your favourite bookstore, or online retailer