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Celebrating One Year On Air
Ingrid Rose, Carole Harmon and Gary Sill
Episode: P021
START: November 15, 2021
ENDS: November 28 12, 2021
Length: 38'' mins
Hosts, Ingrid Rose, Carole Harmon and Gary Sill
Celebrating One Year On Air

Writers Radio celebrates its first anniversary.

Our thanks to the forty writers who joined us this year and to our listeners in 100 + countries!

LISTEN! November 15 - 28 at the top of each hour

Ingrid, Gary and Carole are so delighted to reach this milestone. For this anniversary episode we offer our own work, as well as a conversation between the three producers, musing on where we have been and where we are going.

Ingrid Rose reads Under the Weather, which reflects so clearly our common anxieties within a planetary perspective at this unique time in our planet's history.

Gary Sill presents his piano composition, Orpheus Rising which he composed for the Sonic Boom Festival in Vancouver in 2019. On that occasion it was performed by Michael Parkes but in this rendition Gary has orchestrated the performance using computer software.

Carole Harmon reads two 'eco poems' as Ingrid has styled them. Paradesa is a poem inspired by Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies. Congress With Fire is a tiny story set at Grassi Lakes, also in the Canadian Rockies.

Writers Radio airs around the world through our website and radio aggregators who have widened our distribution to worldwide listeners of English speaking radio.

We average between 650 and 1000 listeners for each episode with an average listening time of over 30 minutes. Listeners in Canada, the USA and Germany comprise our largest audience but we have listeners in the UK, Ethiopia, France, India, Bolivia and many other countries.