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The Causes
Cathy Stonehouse
P017, September 20 to October 03, 2021
Length: 26'
Host, Ingrid Rose
Host, Ingrid Rose

"The Causes"

Cathy Stonehouse is known for her poetry, short stories, and critical writing. These skills are keenly focused in her debut novel, The Causes.

Jose´Ramirez is a nineteen year old conscript in Argentina's invasion of Islas Malvinas in 1982. In English this archipelago, off the coast of Argentina in the south Atlantic, is known as the Falkland Islands.

Cathy was a teenager in England when this conflict broke out. The British fleet, with a rousing send off by Margaret Thatcher, sailed 8000 miles across the Atlantic to protect what had been a British Protectorate since 1841.

This strange war, which was never actually declared, saw extreme armed combat for 72 days. In the way of modern wars, it also never really ended. Argentina considers Islas Malvinas a province of Argentina and Britain still administers its Protectorate.

This clash of realities mirrors the experience of some of the Argentinian combatants, including the novel's protagonist, José, who were tortured by their own officers as the conflict overlapped with Argentina's ongoing Dirty War.

Whether declared or not, the multi-faceted effects of war are born by those who fight them, their families, and the societies in which they live. This is what Cathy writes about.

By choosing an Argentinian protagonist Cathy steps outside the usual narrative around the colonial history of these islands which were whaled by American, Scandinavian and European ships from the mid 1700's onward. These islands are among the wildest and inaccessible places on Earth. The indigenous population is birds.

In their conversation Cathy and Ingrid Rose discuss the process of writing this novel which has been gestating since Cathy was a teenager.

Mysterious, gripping, poetic and magic-realist, The Causes is a love story for a threatened planet, set in Argentina, Spain, the UK and the South Atlantic. (from the author's website)