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Traces On The Page
Jen Currin
P016, August 23 to September 05, 2021
Length: 27'
Host, Ingrid Rose

In conversation with Ingrid Rose, Jen reflects on the challenge she has encountered in writing her recent short story collection, Hider/Seeker:

...we can get maybe 10% or even less of lived experience onto the page.

This quest to capture the ineffable nature of relationship permeates all Jen's work, as beloved poet and now as a teller of tales.

Listen at the top of each hour:
August 25 - Sept. 5

Hider/Seeker was published in 2018 by Anvil Press. This book and Jen's award-winning poetry titles: School, The Inquisition Yours, Hagiography, and The Sleep of Four Cities are available through local bookstores and online suppliers such as Amazon.