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Mothering in the Time of Covid
P008, Feb 22 to March 7, 2021
Length: 33'
Barbara Baydala: She Emerges, Woman With Kind Eyes Says Stay Home, Round the Block (poetry)
Zoe Dagneault: In Her Shoes (auto-fiction)

Host, Carole Harmon

Who are the souls entering our world at this challenging time of pandemic, global climate crisis, and social unrest? How can we nurture and raise them to face the challenges of their future?

Barbara became a grandmother six months before the Covid Pandemic was announced. In a trilogy of moving poems Barbara shares her experiences with her newborn grand-daughter. Barbara is a poet who writes from Langley, south of Vancouver, Canada.

Through her auto-fiction short story Zoe Dagneault takes us into her world of a parent who grapples with how much to reveal, and how to contextualize world events for her precocious and empathic daughter. Zoe is a writer and editor, she lives in Burnaby, Canada.