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What the Mouth Wants
Mushrooms And Memory
P007, Feb 8 to Feb 21, 2021
Length: 23'
Monica Meneghetti: reading from Mushrooms and Memory in her memoir, What The Mouth Wants: A Memoir Of Food, Love And Belonging.

Interview by Ingrid Rose, host Carole Harmon

My Mom beamed herself to me, Monica writes in Mushrooms and Memory, an excerpt from her memoir which explores the intersections of loss, memory and sensuality. Monica lost her mother at age sixteen, yet her body, alive with sensual memory, summons details her mind has buried.What the Mouth Wants (Dagger Editions, 2017) was a Lambda Literary Award finalist and tied as the Bi Book Award winner in 2017.
Monica lives, loves, writes, teaches, and translates from the Italian in Vancouver, Canada.