P076 Holy Magic
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In Honour Of
Layering, In Search Of My Elderly Young Girl
P002, Nov 30 to Dec 13, 2020
Length: 34'
Medwyn McConachy: Layering (poetry)
Clarissa Green: In Search of My Elderly Young Girl (memoir)
Interview by Ingrid Rose

Host, Carole Harmon, Music and audio production, Gary Sill

This is a program which honours lost friends. Medwyn's poem was written after the loss of a long time partner and friend. Medwyn is a multi-media artist, witch, poet and memoirist who lives on Saltspring Island, Canada.

Clarissa passed away in the summer of 2020 following her long struggle with cancer. Friends arranged for the posthumous publication of her memoir, Grownupedness. Clarissa was a well loved writer and therapist in Vancouver, Canada.