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Jane Mortifee
Episode: P037
START: June 27, 2022
ENDS: July 10, 2022
Length: 24 minutes
Host Ingrid Rose
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Jane Mortifee in conversation with Ingrid Rose

Airdate: May 30 - June 12, 2022 - at the top of each hour, every hour

There are books which come into being through a mysterious process. The author is visited by a character, situation, or story which takes hold of them and won't let go.
Such a book is Out of the Fire a first novel by Jane Mortifee, acclaimed singer and actor who has been nominated for many awards as a performer and inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame. (British Columbia, Canada for our foreign listeners).

Set in pre-Colonial times in an African village, a violent act sets in motion fates that intertwine and continue to bring anguish and torment through to the next generation.

This review appears on the Good Reads Collective website:

There is ancient wisdom in these pages. Jane Mortifee weaves a beautiful story, illuminating how trauma can be passed from one generation to the next, and tells the story of how the main character is able to heal not only herself, but also her community. I especially think this story is important for women who are dealing with the pain and trauma of rape or sexual assault, and how it affects and ripples out to every aspect of life. There is hope for healing and to find your true life's path after trauma. Thank you Jane Mortifee. 5 stars. This book made me so sad at times but also filled me with a lot of hope.

Ava Vanderstarren

Out of the Fire is self-published by Jane Mortifee. It may be ordered from Amazon, AbeBooks, or Better World Books.
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