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A novel
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Episode: P012
START: May 03, 2021
ENDS: May 16, 2021
Writer: Shaena Lambert
Host: Ingrid Rose
Reader: Shaena Lambert
Length: 24 mins

PETRA: An excerpt from the novel inspired by peace activist and founder of the German Green Party, Petra Kelly

With impeccable timing Shaena Lambert takes us from our current world crisis back in time to 1980's Germany. NATO plans to deploy nuclear missiles which are expected to face off against those of the USSR. The Berlin Wall still stands. World War 3 seems almost inevitable.

A charismatic young woman named Petra Kelly, half German, half American, inspires, charms and reasons her way to the forefront of the Peace Movement and becomes a founding member of the German Green Party.
PETRA is a novel, not a biography of Petra Kelly. Yet in its pages fictional and real characters are inspired by and closely follow the lives and events of that time. Petra Kelly was a visionary who saw all causes as interlinked. She inspired a Nato General to join the peace the book to find out more.

PETRA was published in September 2020 by Penguin / Random House and is widely available in independent and chain bookstores.
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