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Choosing Your Recording Device
With Your Phone
iPhone, iPad, Android
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Voice Record Pro
If you do not have access to a digital recording device, such as a Zoom Recorder, (not to be confused with the Zoom Video Meetings app) a good recording can be made on a smart phone using an app. We recommend "Voice Record Pro" available from the Apple App Store. The Android version is available on Google play.
Click the image to view a VoiceRecorder Pro tutorial video.
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One of the most attractive features of this app is the ability to customize the quality of your recordings. You will be prompted to do this once you press record. Please always use the "High" quality preset. This app is free.
Tap the image to view a VoiceRecorder Pro tutorial video.
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How to Send the Recording
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Choose "Send By Email"
There are a number of ways of forwarding the recording to Writers Radio directly from within the app. We recommend you use Send By Email with the Password Protected Link.

Here are the steps involved:

• Find your recording on the Voice Recorder Pro main screen. Tap on it.

• In the following screen, choose “Send by Email”, then choose “Audio"

• When the white “Send by Email" pop-up window appears, choose “Password Protected Link”. Wait for processing.

• The ”Link" option will automatically upload the recording to a secure server, protect it with a random password and then present you with an email that has the link and password.

Send that email to Writers Radio using this email address:

With A Desktop Computer
If you are recording on a Mac desktop computer, we recommend QuickTime Player which already installed on your Mac.

How to record on your Mac with QuickTime Player:

1 Open QuickTime Player.
2 Select “file” and “new audio recording”
3 Press the red “record” button.
4 End recording by pressing the same button.
5 Rename and save the recording to your desktop.
Help with recording audio only with QuickTime:

Record audio in QuickTime Player
To record on a Windows computer go to and download the very good Audacity recorder.

Download Audacity

And if you need help:

Help using the Audacity Recorder

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