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2022, 2023
"A Story of Enchantment"
Host/Producer: Carole Harmon
January 23, 2023
February 05, 2023
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A Writers Radio Special Series
A Writers Radio Special Series
"This collection of 12 personal essays represents brave explorations of their relationships to whiteness via different aspects of their histories and heritages. The essays provide a fascinating look at whiteness through the lenses of American racism and Jewish Americans; the Swiss and Nazi collaborations; displacement by war; relationship to unceded tribal Native lands; and German ethnicity and reparations. This book is a good reminder for Americans that whiteness may be expressed differently depending on the country and culture, but has always been associated with privilege and oppression." -Patricia L. Dawson, MD, PhD, FACS, Medical Director, Office of Healthcare Equity, UW Medicine.
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About Invitations to Submit Work
About Invitations to Submit Work
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Writers Radio realizes that there are an unlimited number of writers out there wanting their writing to find an audience. In fact, our raison d'être is to try to bring writers to a larger audience.

But we are few and you, gentle writer, are many. Perhaps this imbalance will be less dramatic in the future but for now we have a limited capacity to provide a space for all.
Writers Radio works by invitation and sometimes by referral. From time to time, guest producers will introduce writers from their own communities.

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