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Writers Radio
discusses and presents recent work being created by talented people, special events and all things writerly; an audio space where the inner world meets the outer. WR producers will be capturing guest writers, interviewing authors and passing on ideas and writing tips.

Writers Radio is a registered nonprofit society in British Columbia, Canada.
Each program - Two Weeks - Hourly - 24/7
A new program starts every second Monday.
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The same program broadcasts at the beginning of each hour for two weeks. Then that program is replaced with a new one and the previous program appears here in the Podcasts Library.
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Gary Sill
The broadcasts present stories by and about writers, past and present and anecdotes of those who live and work in the Arts. Programs also discuss the art, the ideas and even the business of writing.
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Produced by Carole Harmon, Ingrid Rose and Gary Sill and occasionally hosted by the writers themselves, the programs reach deeply into the collective mind of our times.
About Invitations to Submit Work
Writers Radio realizes that there are an unlimited number of writers out there wanting their writing to find an audience. In fact, our raison d'être is to try to bring writers to a larger audience.

But we are few and you, gentle writer, are many. Perhaps this imbalance will be less dramatic in the future but for now we have a limited capacity to provide a space for all.

Writers Radio works by invitation and sometimes by referral. In the future we hope to invite guest producers to introduce writers from their own communities.

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