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Episode P085 | Length: 28'
Writer, Alison Goeller
Host/Producer, Ingrid Rose
From May 20, 2024 to June 02, 2024
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Episode P085 | Length: 28'
Writer, Alison Goeller
Host/Producer, Ingrid Rose
From May 20, 2024 to June 02, 2024

Comments from Authors and Listeners

"I started my listening day with this delightful episode. i loved the conversation and the readings, thank you all for dropping this joy into my inbox".

Medwyn McConachy
"I found Writers Radio on Radio Garden. It is the best sounding station I have found to date. Congratulations on your great set up, great content, and having it out there for us to listen to. "

Kim Beno
"I just had a chance to listen to the podcast - it’s beautifully done. Thank you so much to all of you for your support of my work and for the work you do to lift up poets and writers. 

Gary, the music! I’m really stunned. It was so beautiful. A few of the pieces reminded me very strongly of England and the park where we live. It brought together all the pieces so wonderfully. 

And a big thank you to you, Carole! Thank you for working with me on this and for your patience and generosity in finding a way for it to work! Thank you for your thoughtful questions."

Alison Braid-Fernandez

"Oh my goodness. What a beautiful and uplifting set!  Love the geographic and autobiographical range to the theme. And the editing and music is sublime.  Thank you for making our art sing".

Katherine Alexander
"What a wonderful program....full of light and delightful music!! I sat by the flickering candle and  listened to the writers' voices … With my eyes closed I saw and felt what they experienced...lived... The light of their words and music.lit up my living room....
the darkness was gone …"

Jadzia Prenosil
Ive listened to your interview with that marvellous woman from Mombai , several times. SUCH a voice she has and her writing so dimensional .  that WR is such a stunning  achievement, really the music the words the spaces in between …. I cannot imagine life with out it…. totally brings so much peace and inquiry into these tumultuous times.. what a splendid Creation you three have made….bravo!

Sarah Knoebber
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